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Energy Expert Network - Courses for the Energy Industry

Energy Market Training Resources

Energy Expert Network provides professional and commercial courses, training resources and expertise education. We do our part to increase specialist skills in the European energy market.

Our specialty is developing, organizing and delivering tailored and open courses to the European energy market. Our professional tutors hold interactive in-house courses in the areas of renewable energy such as wind power as well as coal, gas, petroleum and oil.

Custom Courses on all Levels

Our energy experts provide a wide course portfolio including tailored teaching sessions according to your particular business needs as well as seminars at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, as required.

Specialized Course Content

Our energy sector exercises focus on the areas of risk management and hedging, pricing and valuation, derivatives, equity, asset management, trading and negotiation.

We also provide open courses on fixed dates held in co-operation with external experts.

Skilled Training Tutors

Energy Expert Network trainers are hand-picked consultants and academics all in possession of thorough and well-documented experience and expertise in personal teaching of energy professionals, as well as a track record of success in their respective energy sectors.

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